Accessing the System

The platform can be accessed in a number of ways:

  1. Physical access

  2. Remote access within the Douglas.

  3. Remote access outside the Douglas.

Physical Access

Physical access to a suite of workstations is available inside the Douglas CIC, contact the CIC Administrative Assistant (Louis Théroux) for keycard access.

Remote Access within the Douglas

All platform hardware is accessible within the Douglas Research Centre network via ssh. The main user server is available at cicus03, the storage server at cicss03 and workstations are available in the range cicws[01..41].

Playing nice

Neuroinformatics workstations all allow for multiple simultaneous users, please make a best effort to choose a workstation not already being used by others.

The command who can list currently logged-in users, while htop will show a graphical display of the current state of CPU and Memory utilization.

In general, fewer users is better, as well as low CPU and memory utilization (represented by the length of the horizontal coloured bars in htop)

Remote Access outside the Douglas

Remote access from outside the Douglas is provided by authorization only. Please contact the platform to request access.